9 February, 2023

Custom print orders for coupons and other POS material from ClearOn

You do know that you can order custom printed coupons as well as other POS material from us, right?
We offer competitive prices and ship them wherever you need. Simple and flexible.

We are responsible for the entire process, always ensuringe that the quality of your coupons is top-notch, both with and without unique codes.

We also make it easy for you to put together all your in-store material in one place – everything from floor decals, top signs, pallet sweeps and more! We’re happy to help! Just simply send us a quote request and we will get back with a price quote.

Advantages of Print Services

  • Cost effective – ClearOn offers the market’s best price for printing coupons
  • Quality assurance – reduced manual handling



Before you order, you need to prepare the following

  • A sketch of how you want the layout
  • A graphic manual for your brand or product
  • Font to be used
  • Colors to use
  • Texts and communication to be communicated to the consumer and the store – Don’t forget the conditions for your offer and validity period!
  • Logos (vectorized)