Smart Ads – a new smart tool

Smart Ads is a smart tool for targeted and accurate advertising with coupon offers on social media.
No landing page or special campaign page is needed!


This is how Smart Ads works

With Smart Ads, we ensure that only the selected target group and no one else can take advantage of offers in various ad placements on Facebook and Instagram. There is no risk of overexposure. With directed target group advertising, the target group is selected based on, for example, age, gender, interests and geography, and you get full control over who receives the digital offer, when and where it is activated.

At the same time, we simplify the digital shopper journey as no landing page is needed for distribution of the offer, but all interaction takes place directly in the ad.

Interaction takes place directly in the ad

The unique about this solution is that it enables interaction directly in the ad. With Smart Ads, the shopper fills in his phone number directly in the ad on Instagram or Facebook and immediately the digital offer is shown in the mobile. It will be easier for the shopper to receive the digital offer, as they avoid a step in the process with the landing page.


Smart distribution

Because the shopper interacts directly in the ad, there is no risk that the landing page can get unwanted spread. With Smart Ads, the ad is automatically closed when the shopper has received the digital offer, which ensures that the offer is not spread to other target groups or that the same shopper receives the same offer several times. This reduces the risk of exposure to possible “price hunters” or irrelevant target groups. Another big advantage is that there is no risk of disappointing shoppers who have seen an ad but have not managed to take advantage of the offer because the technology means that the ad is also closed immediately when the total number of coupons has been distributed.

When you know exactly how many people you want to reach in a specific audience, Smart Ads is a perfect way to get the most out of your advertising and digital offering.

Since there is no additional cost for building a separate landing page, Smart Ads is an affordable solution that leads to a more accurate matching of the right offers to the right target group during the right time period. A profit for both our suppliers and stores as well as for our shoppers.

Extremely accurate and cost-effective service

• Target the ad by geography, age, gender, etc.
• Retargeting maximizes the campaign.
• Short time-to-market.

A good solution for eample:

• Incentive gifts
• Create trial purchases
• Customer care
• Build customer registers
• Test different target groups
• Distribute information
• Conduct sales in stores
• Build brand awareness

Link a campaign to a themed day

Linking a campaign to a themed day and setting up a fun activity connected to your products can be a successful and brand-building investment. Many products have their own day, for example cinnamon roll day, cheese day, cake day and more. There are many themed days throughout the year that provide you the opportunity to create content that engages your customers, increases your visibility and builds your brand.