A smart option!

Sverigechecken are a smart alternative to retail chain gift cards. A discount gift voucher in an elegant package with a personal greeting is a nice gift for all types of companies and organisations. Sverigechecken  is a check that can be used in many supermarkets and retail shops all over the country.

The gift you can choose yourself

Sverigechecken is highly valued, as it allows recipients to choose their own gifts based on their needs and wishes.

Nationwide agents

Thanks to our numerous agents, Sverigechecken can be redeemed in many different locations all over Sweden.


Sverigechecken for companies

Would you like to purchase Sverigechecken for your employees or clients?

The Sverigechecken is a highly valued choice for all occasions and holidays. There are also many other reasons for giving a Sweden Voucher, such as rewarding a good presentation, as a farewell gift for employees who are leaving, celebrating an anniversary, or as an incentive for achieved goals.


Tax-free gift

Temporarily, the limit for tax-free gift is raised to SEK 1,000 (from SEK 450), including VAT.

Sverigechecken – the gift that can be used in more than 4000 stores nationwide!

At all the following store chains, the recipient can use their Sverigecheck.


Some Tempo and Nära Dej also accept Sverigechecken. Check with your local store near you.

Sverigechecken – digital or in paper format

Of course, Sverigechecken can be used both digitally and in physical form. Decide what is best for the moment.

We can also tailormade digital mailings for your company. The minimum order is then 100 Sweden checks.

If you want to hear more, contact us!

Mobila presentkort

Sverigechecken – for recipients

Congratulations on your Sverigecheck!

You can use it next time you go shopping, in a shop belonging to one of the following chains:

ICA, Coop, Hemköp, Willys, CityGross, Matrebellen, Ö&B, Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, Direkten, My Way, Shell, Gulf, Apotek Hjärtat, Granngården, Eurocash och EKO.