Payment of bills over-the-counter in stores

The service refers to payment to a PlusGiro account or Bankgiro account. Brand: Kassagirot


ClearOn is responsible for personal data for this service.


Personal data processed
Swedish personal Identification number or birth date, name, address, identity document information, e-mail and/or telephone number.

Grounds for processing
1. In order to meet ClearOn’s contractual obligation with the consumer regarding the requested service.
2. Upon completion of processing of the transaction, personal data must be stored for 5 years at ClearOn according to Act (2017: 630) regarding measures against money laundering and terrorism financing.

Information obtained from other party
Address details for customers with Swedish personal identification numbers are retrieved from the public records register.

Data transferred to another party
The Giro transaction (sender, amount, receiver account) is transferred to Nordea Bank (Plusgiro) and to Bankgirot. Personal data may be transferred to another party in Sweden if necessary to comply with statutory requirements, such as money laundering checks or checks against international sanctions and PEP lists.

Consent of the customer
The customer must be aware that personal data is processed and saved as above, otherwise the task cannot be received. Information about personal data processing can be found in the customer terms and in the price list with the agent.

Clearing of personal data
When the statutory time of storing the transaction is reached, data stored is deleted automatically. Before that time is reached, “the right to be forgotten” does not apply.