Create interaction between brand, customer and recipient

Create your own branded campaign page on where your customers can order and send gifts to their nearest and dearest.

With Send a Gift, your customers can quickly and easily send gifts to their friends, family or colleagues. Our collaboration with several of Sweden’s largest food and service stores means that the receivers can collect their gift in a nearby store,

Cost effective service

Payment is made using Swish or card. The service is GDPR-secured and based on a fixed price, i.e. there are no variable costs in the form of; handling costs when redeeming the mobile coupon, SMS distribution fees or campaign fees. The actual cost of the product is paid by the shopper/customer at the time of swishing.

For added finesse – Make the page responsive, thereby enabling integration with “Swipe up functions” on tag frames.

As an alternative to your own branded campaign page, you can create a subpage on ClearOn’s platform Mobila Presentkort that can feature between 1 to 10 products from our regular range.

Our package offers


  • Branded page
  • Custom URL
  • No variable costs
  • 12-month activation period


  • Branded underside for Mobile Gift Cards
  • 8-10 products
  • No variable costs
  • 12-month activation period


  • Brandad undersida till Mobila Presentkort
  • 1 produkt
  • Inga rörliga kostnader
  • 12-månaders aktiveringsperiod

Link a campaign to a themed day

Linking a campaign to a themed day and setting up a fun activity connected to your products can be a successful and brand-building investment. Many products have their own day, for example cinnamon roll day, cheese day, cake day and more. There are many themed days throughout the year that provide you the opportunity to create content that engages your customers, increases your visibility and builds your brand.