Insights about sales promotion, the retail trade and the shopper

In this section you’ll find valuable insights that provide better understanding of sales promotion, and coupon campaigns in particular. Furthermore, we’ll present insights from the retail trade, about the shopper, digital campaigns, and so much more.

In order to ensure that you get as much out our insights as possible, we’ve presented them in different formats. You can either choose to read about the coupon user and the key pillar of a coupon campaign. Or, you can also learn about it, as well as many other exciting insights, in film format. Choose what suits you best.
The insights are produced together with Retail Academics. Many of the insights have been presented at our annual recurring Clear Event.
We hope you get a lot out of our insights!


Lecture series in film format

The videos that we have recorded are divided into the following sections
(note, these are only offered in Swedish):

  • Sales Promotion – an Introduction
  • The moment of truth – online vs instore
  • The key pillars of the coupon & the coupon user
  • The grocery store’s game plan
  • The retail staff’s expectations of the salesman
  • Digitization and digital coupons
  • Marketing activities


Below you’ll find short introduction to sales promotion.

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Sales promotion – introduction

What is the main purpose of Sales promotion? Which coupon is best suited for a product launch? We talk about this and much more in our film; an Introduction to Sales promotion.

ClearOn Event

Every year, our customers and partners are invited to an inspiration day where we have the opportunity to share knowledge and to meet colleagues in the industry.

Click here to read more about our latest event from Berns in Stockholm and listen to the the presentations that were held (only in Swedish).

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