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ClearOn is Sweden’s market-leading partner for sales-driving campaigns within the Swedish grocery and service trade. We have over 50 years of experience in developing services that help our customers increase their sales.

Today, ClearOn has a network of an impressive 20,000 connected POS in 5,000 nationwide stores within the most established chains that provide coupons, gift cards and vouchers.

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Many advantages for the trade

Profitability in-store
Additional sales to full gross margin

Creates traffic to the trade

Drives impulse buys
50% of all sales with a coupon are made on impulse

Easy and flexible compensation
Compensation within 24 hours

Unique solutions for optimized campaigns

Via our smart technical solution, ClearOn offers compensation to stores when redeeming our coupons, directly from the suppliers.

We have the integration to the trade’s cash register systems for automatic payment. The suppliers are responsible for the entire value of the value vouchers and you receive compensation for the handling and thus full gross margin!

Value carrier for all occasions

Värdeavi from Bankgirot, PlusGirot, Swedbank och Sparbankerna

Via ClearOn you can redeem or offer the customer to pay with Värdeavi

Cash payments using Värdeavi come from several different sources and for different reasons. This could be, for example, compensation for an insurance policy, a tax refund or a refund upon termination of a subscription. Every year, payments are made in Sweden and the biggest issuers are Bankgirot, PlusGirot and Swedbank/Sparbankerna.

Recipients have realized the benefits of redeeming their avi in ​​their store. Redemption of Värdeavier in store gives the recipient the opportunity to either use the voucher as payment when purchasing, either pay the full amount or pay in part, or receive money in hand – subject to availability of cash in the store.

Many advantages for the trade with Värdeavi

  • Increased income – receive commission on the redemption of Värdeavi!
  • Increased sales in store thanks to more customers.
  • Greater purchasing power from consumers who come to the store.
  • Cost savings when Värdeavi is used as a means of payment.
  • Higher security thanks to less cash handling.

This is how it works

The checkout systems in the store are connected online to our system. Clearing of discount coupons and other value carriers is handled easily, securely and efficiently. Accounting for sales and registration takes place smoothly at the checkout.

5000 stores are online with our services

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