Ice cream gift cards

Order your ice cream gift cards here!


Looking to order ice cream gift cards for customers, suppliers, employees, or anyone else that you or your company might want to surprise?

We’ve got you covered. Our traditional ice cream gift cards come as printed paper checks and are available in SEK 30 bills. The ice cream gift cards are sent by registered mail and can be expected to arrive within 5-7 business days. The minimum order is 25 ice cream gift cards.

Would you prefer to send digital ice cream gift cards? We’re happy to help with that as well. Our digital ice cream gift cards can be customized with a personal greeting and custom image of your choice.

More information about our digital ice cream gift cards (as well as our other gift cards) can be found at our website:





A smart alternative


Sverigechecken is a smart alternative to chain-specific gift cards. A great gift to be able to give for all types of companies and organizations. Sverigechecken is a value check that is valid in a large number of nationwide food and service stores.

The gift of your choice
The Sweden check is much appreciated because the recipient can choose a gift based on their own needs and wishes.

Nationwide stores where you can pay with Sverigechecken
Thanks to a large selection of agents, Sverigechecken can be used in a variety of places throughout Sweden.

For companies


Do you want to buy Sverigechecken for your employees or customers
Sverigechecken is an obvious and appreciated gift at all types of holidays and various anniversaries. There are also many other occasions where Sverigechecken becomes a given success, for example to reward a good performance, resign from work, birthdays, anniversary celebrations or as an incentive for achieved goals.

Sverigechecken is available in bills of SEK 25, 50, 100 and 200, all so that you can easily put together the amount you wish to give away.

The gift that can be used in more than 4000 stores across the country!

At all the following store chains, the recipient can use the Ice cream gift card and Sverigechecken.


Vissa Tempo och Nära Dej tar också emot Sverigechecken. Hör med din lokala butik nära dig.

Sverigechecken – digital or in physical form


Of course Sverigechecken works to send both digitally and in physical form. Decide what is best for the moment.

We can also help you to customize digital mailings. The minimum order is then 100 Sverigecheckar.

If you want to hear more, contact us!

Mobila presentkort

Sverigechecken and the Ice cream check – for recipients

Congratulations on receiving Sverigechecken or Ice cream check!

Now you can easily use it the next time you shop, in one of the following chains:

ICA, Coop, Hemköp, Willys, CityGross, Apotek Hjärtat, Pressbyrån, Shell, 7-Eleven, Matrebellen, Ö&B, My Way, Direkten, Gulf, Granngården, Eurocash, EKO och Kassagirot.