Värdeavier from Bankgirot, PlusGirot, Swedbank and Sparbankerna

With Värdeavi, the customer can pay in store or redeem for cash

Customers receive cash payments from several different sources and for different reasons. This could be, for example, compensation for an insurance policy, a tax refund or a refund upon termination of a subscription. Each year roughly 4 million payments are produced in Sweden and the largest issuers are Bankgirot, PlusGirot and Swedbank/Sparbankerna.

Customers have realized the benefits of redeeming their notice in ​​their store. Redemption of Värdeavier in store gives the customer the opportunity to either use the notice as payment when making a purchase, either pay the full amount or pay in part, or receive money in hand – subject to availability of cash in the store.

We offer persons to redeem Värdeavi in most stores that belong to the chains presented further down the page, throughout the country, every day of the week between 07.00 and 22.00

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General conditions

  • As a customer, you must always be able to present a valid Swedish ID document.
  • The payout amount can be limited to a maximum of SEK 2,000 or based on the store’s availability of cash.
  • Värdeavi can be used as a means of payment.
  • We refer companies to the bank.
  • For associations, we refer to the bank.
  • Power of attorney holders and estates are referred to the bank.
  • If someone is collecting Värdeavi on your behalf, then they will need to bring their own government-authorised ID, as well as a copy or photo of your ID (the actual recipient), in order to verify the recipient details on the parcel. Attention – Värdeavi from Swedbank cannot be redeemed via another person.
  • If the date has passed/expired or if you have other questions regarding your Värdeavi, you must contact the issuer. Who the issuer is is stated in the text of the letter to Värdeavi. If you do not know who the issuers is, contact the person who issued the Värdeavi: PlusGirot tel: 0771-224488 or Bankgirot tel: 08-7256000. If your Värdeavi has been sent out by Swedbank/Sparbanken, you need to visit your nearest Swedbank or a Sparbankskontor.

Redemption can take place in one of the following chains: