Create campaigns that engage your followers – now with over 50 different game and play modules for digital channels!

How do you build a brand by frequently activating your customers? With Clearon’s interactive service that we developed together with Qualifo, we offer a unique campaign solution that enables playful integrations in all digital channels, target group segmentation of personal data, in-store activation, and follow-up & retargeting through results and analyzes
– One partner all the way!

Perfect way to get activity in your campaign. And you will not get better content!

Make your own interactive campaign in a few minutes!

Contests, quizzes, polls, surveys, landing pages, battles, photo and video contests. All in the same campaign tool.

Our new application is an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible platform that creates interactive campaigns and engages your customers and followers. You create your own customized campaign in a few minutes without any specific IT skills. Start from the 50 modules and fill them with your own content. Fun, easy and fast! Then publish the campaign with competitions and games on your own website, in a blog, in social media or in a mobile app.

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Why do you need interactive campaigns?

Committed customers. Brand building campaigns. Valuable data for analysis.


Committed customers

With interactive campaigns, you get committed customers. You can interact with them in all your digital channels and drive sales through coupon promotions and unique offers.

Brand building campaigns

Thanks to our interactive services and campaign modules, you can now, in a simple and cost-effective way, be constantly present in all your digital channels and to all different target groups. A great opportunity to become top-of-mind and create loyalty with your important customer groups.

Valuable data for analysis

One of the great benefits of interactive campaigns is that you get a lot of data that provides the opportunity to measure commitment, sales, segmentation, customer behavior and more. Demographic and other relevant data; you get to know the customers in depth.

For brands


Activate Interactive gives you the opportunity to create interactive experiences that strengthen your brand and make it interesting! At the same time, you collect large amounts of data about your customers and followers.

Activate your customers with Activate Interactive! Today, brands must constantly work with their content in all channels. Activate Interactive has lots of flexible features that help you retain and segment your customers in digital channels. You create relevant and valuable experiences for your customers, regardless of which platform they visit.

Every time a customer interacts with your content, you have the opportunity to collect, segment and analyze important data that will help you refine your customer. You also strengthen your data strategy by collecting lots of relevant data for your data tools (eg DMP, CRM, analysis).

For partners and agencies

With Activate Interactive you can concentrate on the creative work. All campaign modules are ready to use – no need for new code and time-consuming technical solutions. The idea is most important.

Activate Interactive has smart features that are specially designed to make the agency’s creative work easier. You deliver fun, unique and viral experiences that strengthen the brand and help your clients get loyal customer groups. You do not have to take a lot of detours via technology or to create new code. All modules are already ready! They are just waiting for your ideas and creative solutions. We almost dare to promise that you will get campaign ideas just by looking through how the campaign modules are structured. A perfect way to save time and money and give your customers lots of great content for their social channels

What do interactive campaigns do to strengthen your brand?


Interactive campaigns market your brand and your products, commit your customers and increase customer loyalty. A fun way to keep your brand top-of-mind in your target group.


Use your online campaigns to drive traffic to the store by offering limited number of coupons. Or drive traffic online by distributing unique in-store codes, which are used to access your digital campaign.


With Activate! Interactive, you can easily publish your campaigns in several channels at the same time, regardless of whether it is a website, campaign page, mini page, Facebook or mobile app. Multiply your exposure quickly and conveniently without external efforts and costs.


By building on interactive content, you can increase your customers  (visitors, Facebook fans, etc.) and thereby increase your chances of going viral and creating attention.


You easily integrate with your internal CRM and DMP, which enables both anonymous and identified information to help different segments in the most efficient way. Collect data to create personal and targeted activities.


Many easy-to-use integrated functions that enable both time saving and reduce development costs. There is no need to develop separate online applications anymore; everything is already included!

Link a campaign to a themed day


Linking a campaign to a themed day and setting up a fun activity connected to your products can be a successful and brand-building investment. Many products have their own day, for example cinnamon roll day, cheese day, cake day and more. There are many themed days throughout the year that provide you the opportunity to create content that engages your customers, increases your visibility and builds your brand.