Quality assured coupon printing!

Competitive price and high quality – easy and convenient!
As part of the process, we offer prints of your discount coupons, product voucher, goods voucher and payment voucher as well as other vouchers that can be used in cash-back campaigns, contests, and similar activities.

We handle millions of value carriers of various types every year. We are responsible for the entire process and ensure the quality of your coupon printing, both with and without security codes. The production of our products takes place under optimal conditions for both people and the environment. We work with the best suppliers and print coupons and vouchers for the entire grocery and service trade. Our idea is to collect and print as many coupons as possible, which provides coordination and economies of scale for us, which means big price advantages for you.

This is how Print Services works

In the ClearOn Customer Portal, you can calculate costs and order standard printing. Format types as well as lead- and delivery times can be found when you place your order in ClearOn Customer Portal. Of course, we also arrange reprints of existing campaigns and any special solutions you may want, such as special requirements for paper, format, etc.

When you create campaigns in ClearOn Customer Portal, you easily fill in details for printing and we will take care of it. Distribution takes place where you wish, to one or more addresses according to the distribution list. Distribution to private individuals is delivered to agents.

A big advantage is that we reduce manual handling, which saves time and ensures quality. Another big advantage is that the statistics become reliable as all input data is stored in the same flow, which provides better opportunities for analysis and follow-up of your campaigns.

If you want to collect all printed shop-material in one place, we will be happy to help with that as well. It can be floor decals, top signs, pallet sweeps for example. Send us a quote request and we will get back with a cost proposal.

Advantages of Print services

  • Quality assurance – reduced manual handling
  • Time saving – ordering directly in the ClearOn Customer Portal
  • Higher quality of results and analysis in the Customer Portal.
  • Cost effective – ClearOn offers competitive pricing.

You need to prepare the following

In this product sheet, we have gathered all the necessary information about your print.

If you don’t have an account in ClearOn Customer Portal or if you need help or want personal contact, you are welcome to contact us via tel. 08-58834059 or via email: hello@clearon.se