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ClearOn is Sweden’s leading partner for  campaign driven marketing in Swedish supermarkets and other retailers. We have more than 50 years of experience in developing services that help our customers increase their sales.

ClearOn has an impressive network of 5000 retail shops nationwide in the most established chains that manage coupons, vouchers, money orders and payments.

We will help you tailor the most efficient coupon campaign to your particular target group, and assist you in choosing a distribution method. We would be happy to offer advice and tips on promotions and implementing campaigns.

Unique solutions for optimal campaigns.

ClearOn offers sales promotions services, advanced technical solutions and strategic advice. All this, combined with our extensive experience with clearing and coupons campaigns, means that we can offer you unique tools for operating in-store sales.

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Successful coupon campaigns


The industry has long been aware of the selling power of coupon campaigns. These have clear advantages for suppliers, retailers and end consumers.


For those creating campaigns

In-store coupon campaigns have been recognised as one of the best sales tools for supermarkets. They are easy to implement, they enhance brands, and create better customer relationships with the products.

The success of a coupon campaign can also be measured, which makes it invaluable for follow-up, evaluation and analysis. All this is integrated in our convenient tool, ClearOn Customer portal.


For retailers

Coupons enable stores to offer competitive prices, as they offer discounts to customers and can still achieve a significant gross profit margin. And above all – greater in-store activity leads to increased sales.

About 20% of all customers who pass by a coupon will pay more attention to the product, and surveys indicates that 8 out of 10 customers are positive to coupons and would prefer even more discount products on the shelves.

Coupons are handled smoothly through the ClearOn platform, which provides the shop with compensation on a daily basis.


For customers

Customers are always interested in a good deal, and in trying new products offered at a discount. Coupons therefore add an incentive to purchase the product. A coupon offer creates a positive experience and a better relationship with both the shop and the brand.

Research shows: 80% of purchasing decisions are made at the shop shelves.


We at ClearOn have extensive knowledge of, and insight into the efficacy of well-executed coupon campaigns. We have also carried out several studies on buying behaviour and coupon use.

Did you know, for instance, that discount coupons in stores increase the sale of ordinary stock by an average of 15%, and as much as 46% in conjunction with new launches? Two out of three customers use coupons regularly, and an incredible 31% use coupons weekly.

Additional insights, tips and interesting research findings can be found in our compendium.

Our campaigns

Browse through our different examples below to get an idea of the different types of campaigns we offer.

Text message campaigns – coupons sent directly to mobile phones

A quick and effective way to reach your consumers directly.

You can market your campaign in social media, through websites or other channels. The consumer sends a key word (e.g. ‘SEMLA’) to 72130 and a digital discount coupon is immediately sent to their phone.

You determine the number of coupons and any other restrictions.
Contact us for a campaign tailored to meet your needs.


Coupons on a promotional website

Create a demand for coupons when launching products, or random campaigns – a good way to activate the consumer and spread coupons.
A responsive promotional website or landing page will enable you to spread a certain number of coupons per day. The visitor types in a mobile phone number or email address, and immediately receives a discount coupon.

Kuponger via kampanjsida

Your own shop with Mobila Gift Card

With our prizewinning solution, your brand can have its own ‘shop’ and sell mobile gift cards for your products. Perfect for social media campaigns!

You create a clear Call to Action via ads and social media aimed at your own shop, where the consumer can easily order and pay with their mobile gift card.

See for instance the GB Glace campaign “Swisha en glass” (‘Swish an ice cream’).

Facebook campaign

Expand your coupon campaign with some sensational Facebook activity, where you hand out coupons in real time.

Enhance your campaign in different channels, and integrate your Facebook page with an app, where the visitor fills in their mobile number or email address and receives a coupon. You can easily control the number of coupons per day, or impose other restrictions.

Facebook-kampanj med kuponger

Digital cooperation

We have developed a cooperation with several of Sweden’s major digital channels: Facebook, Instagram, Kö, Matpriskollen, Mecenat and PantaPå, just to name a few.

We can offer you tips, advice and contacts to design a digital campaign that will give you the best possible visibility and spread.

Kanaler Mobila presentkort

Create your own promotional website

Perfect for launching new products, or as a landing page for digital campaigns for holidays and theme days.

With ClearOn’s flexible tool,, you can create your own promotional website, and easily send out digital coupons via text message.

Learn more about here.

Watch our video here.

Digital campaigns are growing fast!

A mobile value coupon is a digital coupon that offers discounts in the same manner as an ordinary paper coupon. Our digital campaigns have clearly become more popular than all our other campaigns, as many people have come to realise their significant advantages. For one thing, everyone usually has a mobile phone handy.

Digital campaigns offer quick and cost effective spread through, for instance, social media, and they are an environmentally friendly option. This type of campaign can easily be integrated with your digital platforms, and offers the opportunity to access customer databases. You can follow the redemption of coupons in real time, and quickly make adjustments to the offer or communication, if needed.

Perfect for compensation or other customer services

Mobile value coupons are also suitable for managing complaints, or if you for some reason need to reimburse or recompense your customers.

Convenient customer service directly to mobile phones

With the aid of ClearOn’s mobile value coupon, you can quickly and easily send gifts, compensation or goods vouchers in real time to your customers and employees.

We cooperate with several of Sweden’s largest supermarkets and retailers, and the recipient can easily receive compensation in a local shop. Your customer services can act quickly, and you will have a satisfied and grateful customer.

Digital vouchers

With our digital customer voucher service, you can send Sweden Vouchers (Sverigecheckar) with a set value, or create your own digital goods vouchers and determine the value.

To learn more about our Customer services, click here.

ClearOn Customer Portal

Thanks to our customer portal you easily manage campaigns and follow them up with effective analysis tools.

ClearOn Customer portal, is a unique coupon system for store campaigns, with smart solutions that are guaranteed to save both time and money for you who create campaigns.