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Important notice – New financial procedures

14 November, 2022

Please share this information with your colleagues and above all, your finance team.

As of 14 November 2022 ClearOn will be changing business systems. Our mission to create a modern clearing platform continues, with an increased focus on maximizing customer value through improved business processes, greater accessibility, and better possibilities for customer-adaptive integrations.

Our goal is to make it easier for our customers today, while successfully meeting the needs and demands of tomorrow. To save time through more efficient, cost-effective handling of business processes and financial procedures for ClearOn’s services.

The new business system offers increased flexibility and enables:

  • Simplified VAT management
  • Improved cost tracking at a campaign level – including digital documentation
  • The possibility to process collective invoices
  • Simpler invoicing routines

What happens now?
We will carry out the transformation from the old to new system in several steps. On the day of the system update, in instances where you have an outstanding balance on your campaigns, the balance will be distributed evenly amongst all existing active campaigns. If you already have a balance per campaign, the balance will simply be moved to the new environment.

Any balance top-up requests/requests for promotional funds that have been invoiced before the new business system comes into effect and are linked to a total balance for all active campaigns, will be distributed between your campaigns upon payment if received after the new business system has come into effect. As such, we kindly ask you to make the payments to refill your campaign accounts before then.

New financial procedures

Digital accounting documents

Authorized users in ClearOnline may download accounting documents in the portal. Should you wish to add several users (from your financial team, for example), please contact for further assistance. Instructions on how to retrieve the documents will be sent out and available in the portal.

P.O. Numbers

In ClearOnline, it is now possible to enter purchase order numbers for both the fixed base fee and the variable clearing fee per campaign. This is in order to facilitate your internal invoicing routines.

Documents will no longer be sent out

The campaign balance and accounting documents labelled “Invoice” that were previously sent by mail on a weekly or monthly basis are now discontinued and will no longer be sent out. These will instead be replaced with the digital accounting documents mentioned above.

Example of campaign balance that will no longer be sent out

Example of campaign balance that will no longer be sent out

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Important to keep in mind!

We ask you to read carefully through all information that we will be sending out on a regular basis – and please feel free to share the information internally with all relevant colleagues from your finance department, as well as externally with outsourcing/shared service centers.

Our aim is for the transformation to take place as smoothly as possible, with minimal impact on your business or procedures. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Kind regards

ClearOn AB