Payment services over the counter and online

Customers want freedom of choice. Many people today choose to pay their bills via online banking. However, many also want the option of using over-the-counter payment services. By offering the most common services either for cash or card payments, ClearOn gives customers freedom of choice.


ClearOn offers the following payment services:

  • Kassagirot (invoice payment, account deposits, card withdrawals, daily takings)
  • Redemption of Värdeavi
  • Money transfers with MoneyGram


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Services for over-the-counter payments

Kassagirot offers payment to Plus Giro and Bank Giro accounts, as well as deposits to any Swedish bank account. Cash withdrawal from a bank account is also offered. Kassagirot offers options to redeem Värdeavi money orders and to send and receive money all over the world.

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Customers can redeem Värdeavi money orders for cash, or use them to pay in store.

Customers receive cash payments through money orders from many sources and for a variety of reasons.

These payments may be a matter of insurance compensation, a tax rebate or a refund for a cancelled subscription. Each year, more than 4 million payments are made in Sweden. Bankgirot, PlusGirot and Swedbank/Sparbankerna are the major issuers.

Recipients have recognized the benefits of redeeming their cash payments through money orders in a store. The redemption of Värdeavi money orders in-store offers customers the opportunity to use the money order as payment for a purchase, or to get cash in hand if it is available in the store.

If you have Kassagirot’s system in your store, you can also accept Värdeavi money order redemptions from businesses and offer the customer the opportunity to deposit the money in any Swedish bank account.

With Kassagirot, your customers can redeem money orders for cash, or use them to pay at the store. This offers your customers another service and additional reasons to visit your store.


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Money transfers with MoneyGram

MoneyGram is one of the world’s largest money transfer companies, with 345,000 agents in more than 200 countries. MoneyGram is one of the market’s fastest growing money transfer services! With ClearOn, you can offer your customers convenient, effective and affordable money transfer services through the Kassagirot software.


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