10 December, 2020

Digital coupons & gift cards which are distributed via mobile phones or e-mail


Digital compensation after complaints

The service offers consumers and businesses the opportunity to order, pay and send mobile gift cards for goods and services to selected recipients’ mobile phones (www.m.mobilapresentkort.se, www.marabougram.se)


The service is also used for various marketing activities in stores or via the internet, advertising or social networks.

The service is also used when companies want to pay compensation in the form of a digital check in connection with a complaint/return.

Coupons/checks & gift cards are distributed to the recipient via text or e-mail and used as a value voucher for a product or where the gift card is used as a general means of payment within the ClearOn network.

ClearOn is a personal data officer for this service when the order is made by a company. In these cases, the ordering company is responsible for personal data. Questions about personal data processing should be addressed to the party responsible for personal data.

ClearOn is responsible for personal data for this service when the order is made directly by a consumer.


Personal data processed
The personal data processed for digital gift cards is the sender’s e-mail, the recipient’s name and the mobile phone number, as well as a specified sender name or personal greeting from sender to the recipient.
The personal data processed regarding digital coupon campaigns is the participant’s mobile number or e-mail address.

Grounds for processing
1. In order to meet ClearOn’s contractual obligation with the consumer regarding the requested service.
2. Upon completion of processing, the transaction will be retained with the personal data in ClearOn’s system for 6 months after the last expiry date of the gift card or coupon. The purpose is to be able to monitor the transactions and, for example, be able to handle a complaint.

Data retained from a third party
In cases where digital gift cards or coupons are ordered by a company, the company will provide ClearOn with a list of recipients’ telephone numbers.

Data transferred to another party
If a physical gift card is ordered (in the Marabougram service) then the recipient data is transferred to a printing company, printed, and sent to the recipient. Data collected will not be used for purposes other than those described above.

Consent of the customer
The consumer who signs up during a campaign or performs a gift card order needs to give consent that personal data is processed and saved as above, otherwise the task cannot be received. Information about personal data processing is presented in the customer terms. The consent check box is available to tick when the order is made by a consumer.

Clearing of personal data
When the specified storage time of the transaction is reached, stored personal data is deleted automatically.