11 December, 2020

Moneyback campaigns (PTB)

The service offers consumers the opportunity to be reimbursed for reaching a goal (e.g. a certain number of completed purchases of a product). The service is rendered by a brand owner in a store or via the internet through various marketing activities, e.g. via the internet or social media.


The company that ordered the campaign is responsible for personal data. Questions about personal data processing should be addressed to the party responsible for personal data.

ClearOn is the personal data officer for this service.


Personal data processed
The personal data processed is the contact details of participating consumers, such as name, address, mobile phone number or e-mail. In some cases, the consumer’s account number for the payment of remuneration may also be processed.

Grounds for processing
1. In order to comply with ClearOn’s contractual obligation to the consumer regarding the campaign in question.
2. Upon completion of the processing, the transaction with the personal data is retained in ClearOn’s system for 30 days after the last date of validity of the value carrier. The purpose is to be able to monitor the transactions and, for example, be able to handle a complaint.

Data retained from other party
In cases where the Campaign is ordered by a company, the ordering company can provide ClearOn with the contact details of the participants.

Data transferred to another party
In cases where campaigns lead to deposits in accounts, the payee will receive the account number and deposit amount to be transferred to the Swedish banking system.
Data collected will not be used for purposes other than those described above.

Consent of the customer
The customer must be aware that personal data is processed and saved as above, otherwise the task cannot be received. Information about personal data processing is presented in the customer terms.

Clearing of personal data
When the specified storage time of the transaction is reached, stored personal data is deleted automatically.