11 December, 2020

Cases processed with ClearOn, for example, from consumers

ClearOn receives cases to its customer support, for example from consumers in the form of requests, and possibly complaints about the services or matters relating to personal data processing. If such cases give rise to actions within ClearOn, they are recorded in a case system to ensure proper handling.


ClearOn is responsible for personal data in these cases.


Personal data processed
Contact information provided by the consumer such as name, e-mail, telephone number and postal address, as well as information related to the case.

Grounds for processing
1. To be able to put the customer’s interest first.
2. Upon completion of case handling, the case and contact information will be retained for 12 months.
This is for consumer’s and ClearOn’s legitimate interest in being able to resume a case if needed.

Information retained from other party  
Information may be obtained from ClearOn’s partners for each service if it is necessary for the handling of the case.

Data transferred to other party
Data may be transferred to ClearOn’s partner for each service if it is necessary for the handling of the case.

Consent of the customer
The consumer needs to be aware that personal data is processed and stored as above.

Clearing of personal data
When the storage time of case-related information is reached, stored personal data is deleted.