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Range of value coupons

Below you will find our various value coupons

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Product voucher

Product vouchers are suitable for sampling, for instance, when launching new products. Product vouchers are a method of payment as a voucher with an ‘open value’. The customer redeems the product voucher to receive a product.

Discount coupon in paper form

Discount coupons are used in promotional campaigns to increase the sale of certain products. Discount coupons always apply to specific goods or products from a specific range. The value of the discount coupon is written on the coupon itself.

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Goods voucher

Goods vouchers are usually used as compensation for returns. Goods vouchers are a method of payment in the form of a voucher with a set value. The customer redeems the voucher and is free to select from a number of certain goods, based on a specific supplier range.


Sverigechecken is a means of payment in the form of a quick value check.

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Mobile value coupons are a method of payment by mobile phone.

A mobile value coupon is method of payment on your mobile phone that gives you a discount, in the same manner as an ordinary paper coupon.